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Knowledge, implementation of change and conflict resolution


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Today, health care systems are under so much pressure as people are living longer with more complex needs and higher expectations. Health care professionals want to deliver excellent care, but find it increasingly difficult with cut backs in budgets and patients/clients who want to have more of a say in their own care. So open health is seen as a way of making this possible.

We can learn more from each other when we are open. Being open to change and feedback, knowing no one person has all the answers or is always right is critical to creating a supportive environment where people are allowed to learn, correct mistakes quickly, collaborate and enjoy coming to work. Open health is about combining existing strengths with new technologies and creating health solutions that work for every body.

What our clients say

  • Carol provided great support, with the results exceeding my expectations. She confirmed many areas, as well as throwing up new and valuable insights, for both professional and personal fulfilment. Carol’s passion for this area comes through in her consultations.

    Personal Client in health care,

  • Any time I talk to Carol I know for sure I am getting clear direction, sound advice and a person who is willing to listen to what I have to say. She is kind, considerate, caring and funny and I just love to be in her company as she is upbeat and would never judge a person for who they are or what they look like.

    Personal Client in health care,

  • Carol has an interesting range of experience and skill, encompassing accounting, psychology and organisational management in business and NGO sectors. Carol is thorough, dedicated and passionate about the causes she engages in. We are benefiting greatly from her input on the Board.

    Not for profit organisation in Health Care Campaigning,

  • You did a fantastic job in keeping the show on the road, managing client, staff and financial issues with equal aplomb and maintaining a calm and cheerful demeanour through many a challenging situation. You were very easy to deal with and highly professional in all aspects of your work and made our role as board members and mine as Chairman stress free.

    Health Care Organisation Client,

  • We fully appreciate that your job was a difficult one due to our inherent problems. We recognise the very significant contribution which you made in resolving them, or where that was not possible in the time available to you, putting in place structures and personnel which would solve them in the near future.

    Health Care Organisation Client,