About Us

Open Health was founded by Carol Moore.

Carol is a fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland with a strong track record of implementing change in a wide range of industry sectors in functions from accounting, IT, logistics and change management. She has post graduate qualifications in social science, education, psychometrics, and masters in psychology and is an accredited mediator.

Since 2000 she has been operating as a freelance management consultant, interim manager and coach specialising in helping organisations become more productive, implementing change through stakeholder involvement and innovative technologies quickly and cost effectively.

Carol has considerable experience of the health care sector.
Firstly as a patient herself with an auto immune illness since she was a teenager so she has an excellent understanding of the patient’s viewpoint and acts a patient educator for trainee doctors in UCD medical school.
Second, she has acted as chief executive in a number of not for profits organisations delivering health care in the community.

In addition to co founding Dual Diagnosis Ireland, she also co-founded Mental Health Reform, a registered charity promoting improved mental health services, where she continues to serve as a non executive director.
She strongly believes in social justice and compassion for people experiencing hardship and uses her finance, psychology, technology understanding, mediation and organisational development skills to increase the capacity of the public and voluntary health care sector to deliver effective health care. Compassion and respect are not enough, understanding community influences, social determinants, health promotion, empowerment of clients, ethics and focus on real benefits to clients is essential.

Open health is supported by associates from a wide network of professional contacts to provide specialist expertise in relation to specific commissions.

Currently Carol is developing an online service for people with alcohol problems. To find out more please click here

Examples of Open Health’s work

For a health care charity

  • Examined & reported on all aspects of corporate governance
  • Developed new memorandum and articles of association
  • Helped implement recommendations

For a national counselling referral agency

  • Development and introduction of new strategy
  • Facilitated redesign and implementation of totally new clinical process which reduced costs whilst improving clinical outcomes
  • Restructuring of roles and responsibilities, including recruitment, new contracts & HR procedures for all staff
  • Selection of new IT reporting tool integrated into redesigned clinical reporting system
  • Revamp of website to allow counsellor only access to new clinical resources.

A voluntary not for profit organisation which provides services for people with chronic disease

  • Developed and delivered training module
  • Prepared reference manual for online resources
  • Advice & consultation on new website

A voluntary not for profit organisation which provides services for people with mental health issues

  • Coached CEO in leadership development skills
  • Coached and advised CEO on development of strategic plan and financial projections
  • Developed framework for clinical policies
  • Developed framework for finance and human resource procedures
  • Advised on strategic partnerships and collaborations
  • Developed business model and plan for online healthcare organisation.
  • Developed and delivered training in working with addiction and mental health services

Personal clients

  • Supported conflict resolution for individual families in illness/bereavement situation
  • Supported families trying to access services for loved one with addiction and mental health issues (known as a dual diagnosis)
  • Advocacy for families trying to access general health care services
  • Coaching clients working in the health care sector