Patients and Families

When a loved one becomes ill, the emotional burden is not just about the illness but the time and energy spent trying to understand how the health care system works in Ireland and how to choose and obtain the best treatment either in the public or private health care systems. Even knowing the right questions to ask can be a challenge sometimes.

We offer the following services to help make it easier for you to help yourself or your loved one in the health care system.

One hour phone or Skype consultations to help you have more confidence dealing with health care professionals.

This can be about any aspect of the health care system from which questions to ask, or how to obtain your medical records or request a case conference. We have specific expertise in mental health, addiction, rheumatology and Alzheimer’s disease.


Some times relationships between patients and families and their health care providers can break down entirely. Often taking legal action to get answers and make sure some is held accountable or it does not happen to any one else may seem to be the only option. However mediation can be a faster, cheaper and less stressful way of ensuring your views are heard.

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