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Knowledge, implementation of change and conflict resolution

Open health normally means the use of information technology (IT) and data to improve health care systems.

Today, health care systems are under so much pressure as people are living longer with more complex needs and higher expectations. Health care professionals want to deliver excellent care, but find it increasingly difficult with cut backs in budgets and patients/clients who want to have more of a say in their own care. So open health is seen as a way of making this possible.

However we need to be open in more than just the use of data and IT, we need to be open in a broader sense as in being open to change, open to the possibility of doing things in a better way not just with new technology but with new attitudes, skills, values and holistic health care processes. It’s not just about technology it’s about the people who use or benefit from the technology whether they are doctors, allied health professionals, patients and clients.

We can learn more from each other when we are open. Being open to change and feedback, knowing no one person has all the answers or is always right is critical to creating a supportive environment where people are allowed to learn, correct mistakes quickly, collaborate and use existing information with the new technologies creating health solutions that work for every body.

So open health is about creating win win solutions that work not just for health care providers but also for patients and society.

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