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The A to Z guide to Irish Mental Health Services


Do you want to know

  • What to expect when you visit your GP with a mental health issue?
  • How to choose the right counsellor for you?
  • What are alternative treatments?
  • What does a diagnosis of Paranoid Personality Disorder mean?
  • What is Noradrenaline Reuptake Inhibitors (NaRIs) medication?
  • How to get mental health support when you have an addiction?
  • What is a restrictive practice and when can it be used?
  • How can I use technology to improve my mental health?
  • How can I make sure my views are heard?
  • What are my rights and how can I make a complaint?

These and many other  issues are covered in this 100 page A to Z guide to Irish mental health services. For the first time a wide range of materials from many different organisations (who kindly gave their permission to re-publish) has been edited and pulled together in one complete easy to read document by a team of volunteers. You don’t even have to read it all, simply look at the index and click on the section of most interest to you. Or key in the search term you want to find, e.g. talk therapy.

We would love your feedback so please use the survey in the document to give us your views or tell us about the glitches we know you’ll find.

Download the A to Z guide to Irish Mental Health Services